Litecoin (LTC) è una criptovaluta peer-to-peer ed un progetto di software open source rilasciato con licenza MIT/X11. Dal punto di vista tecnico ha preso ispirazione e risulta molto simile a Bitcoin (BTC): la coniazione e la transazione di Litecoin avviene grazie ad un protocollo open source e non è controllata da alcuna autorità centrale. L'intenzione degli sviluppatori di Litecoin era di migliorare Bitcoin attraverso alcuni cambiamenti importanti nel processo di validazione delle transazioni. A partire dal Novembre del 2013 alcune importanti agenzie mediatiche come il Wall Street Journal, CNBC e il New York Times hanno indicato Litecoin come alternativa (o addirittura come possibile successore) di Bitcoin. Litecoin è la quinta criptovaluta per capitalizzazione di mercato.


Tech Spec
Type Coin
Minable Si
Algorithm Scrypt


Circolating 73.681.845
ToTal 84.000.000
Max 84.000.000


Block 2.471.710
Reward 12
Difficulty 22.964.510
Algorithm Scrypt


# 1h 24h 7g 24h Vol Price
15 LTC +0,43 -0,18 -0,05 260,15M 60,68 EUR



Quotazioni criptovalute del 20/09/2023

Queste le variazioni delle ultime 24 ore
by James Lombardi Sep 20, 2023


Litecoin Litecoin - litecoin

Published 02 Mar, 2023 Version Litecoin Core v0.21.2.2
Release Note

Litecoin Core v0.21.2.2 Release

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We are pleased to release Litecoin Core This is a new minor version release, including an important security update affecting prior versions. It is recommended for all users to upgrade to this version.

Notable Changes

Important Security Updates

This release contains fixes that harden node and network security. These fixes are important for every node operator and wallet user. Limit and tightly manage memory usage in events of high network traffic or when connected to extremely slow peers. This protects nodes on lower end hardware to not run out of memory in the face of increased network activity.

RPC API Changes

Added addconnection for use by functional tests. getpeerinfo provides 2 new fields per peer, addr_processed and addr_rate_limited, that track addr message processing.

Download Binaries

To download, please visit the download page here. Alternatively, you can view the download folder here.

Please use GPG to verify the integrity of the release binaries. This ensures that the binary you have downloaded has not been tampered with. Linux, MacOS and Win32 cygwin command line GPG instructions are available here. Please also note that we GPG sign the binaries as a convenience to you, the ultimate way to verify the integrity of the builds is to build them yourself using Gitian. Instructions on how to perform these builds, can be found here.

For this release, the binaries have been signed with key identifier 0x3620e9d387e55666 (davidburkett38's key).


Despite this version being heavily tested, this version may still contain bugs. Always backup your wallet.dat file before upgrading. If you encounter any issues, please let us know by posting to the bug reporting section below.

Source code & Build instructions

The master branch contains the latest commits to the next stable releases of Litecoin Core.

Build instructions for Linux can be found here. Build instructions for OSX can be found here. Builds instructions for Windows can be found here.

Bug Reporting

Submit any issues you encounter here and one of the Litecoin developers will assist you. Issues · litecoin-project/litecoin

Hashes for verification

These are the SHA-256 hashes of the released files:

debd14da7796dcf9bb96ca0e2c7ca3bc6a4d5907b5b9e2950e66d0980a96610b  litecoin-
cd2fb921bdd4386380ea9b9cb949d37f17764eaac89b268751da5ac99e8003c1  litecoin-
d53d429d4a0e36670df3d6c5c4eadfca6aac3d4b447a23106cfd490cfc77e9f2  litecoin-
fb72a10459ba33b978e02539958449f1adf726ec3e3655ab2b83d5d31052ff8f  litecoin-
fe5b2a5f747972940bf4d6eb489c11f3c739bb443168c28b277c0130cc737d35  litecoin-
c04366711c27acb0196c40b83f833f40b5431ad35c15809aa7f93b84b96eb7ff  litecoin-
e65218b9309ce6edb288d618a0bc0b2edb37e0a429e2304c27a42788fa888c9f  litecoin-
c13c0e436e123d6593b55ded38feafffb3c23e94d7cbcfef03d65192e620d973  litecoin-


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:



24h 24h Vol Price
BTC -0,09 9.779,51M 24.978,52 EUR
ETH +0,22 3.254,61M 1.498,06 EUR
USDT +0,02 15.334,62M 0,94 EUR
BNB +0,01 258,72M 198,09 EUR
XRP +0,91 671,85M 0,48 EUR
USDC +0,01 2.438,24M 0,94 EUR
DOGE -0,10 142,72M 0,06 EUR
ADA -1,58 114,62M 0,23 EUR
SOL -1,78 154,31M 18,18 EUR
TON -3,32 37,67M 2,16 EUR
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Reward Block Difficulty
BTC 6 789227 48.005.534M
ETH 2 15495511 12.361.409.030M
UNO 0 1331510 368.211M
XMR 0 2883417 315.367M
BCH 6 792127 177.727M
LTC 12 2471710 22M
DASH 1 1868983 210M
ZEC 2 1787987 75M
ETC 3 17502285 1.624.526.920M
ZEN 3 1347614 30M
aggiornato 3225 ore fa da