Basato sul popolare meme Internet "Doge" e caratterizzato da un logo Shiba Inu, Dogecoin (DOGE) è una criptovaluta che è un fork di Litecoin nel dicembre 2013. Dogecoin è stato utilizzato principalmente come tipping system su Reddit e Twitter per premiare il creazione o condivisione di contenuti di qualità. Dogecoin è stato creato da Billy Markus di Portland, Oregon e Jackson Palmer di Sydney, in Australia. Entrambi avevano immaginato Dogecoin come una criptovaluta divertente e spensierata che avrebbe avuto un fascino maggiore oltre il pubblico principale di Bitcoin.


Type Coin
Minable Si
Algorithm -


Circolating 132.670.764.300
ToTal 132.670.764.300
Max 0


Block 4.290.558
Reward 10.000
Difficulty 5.380.159
Algorithm Scrypt


# 1h 24h 7g 24h Vol Price
10 DOGE +0,21 -0,45 -3,74 292,34M 0,06 EUR



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Dogecoin Dogecoin - dogecoin

Published 08 Nov, 2021 Version Dogecoin Core 1.14.5
Release Note

This is a new minor version release, including important security updates and changes to network policies. All Dogecoin Core users, miners, services, relay operators and wallet users are strongly recommended to upgrade.

This release can be installed over an existing 1.14 installation seamlessly, without the need for uninstallation, re-indexation or re-download. Simply shut down your running Dogecoin-QT or dogecoind, perform the installation and restart your node.

Important Security Updates

This release contains fixes for 2 high severity vulnerabilities that affect most Dogecoin Core users:

  • Remote Code Execution in Dogecoin QT (CVE-2021-3401)
  • Sensitive Information Exposure on Unix platforms (CVE-2019-15947)

Dogecoin QT (Graphical User Interface) users on all platforms and wallet users on the Linux platform are urged to please update their installations to this version immediately, to prevent malicious actors from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Fee Reductions

This release finalizes a new minimum fee recommendation for all participants on the Dogecoin network, following the reduction of relay and mining defaults in 1.14.4. With this release, the minimum fees when creating transactions are recommended to be as follows:

  • the recommended minimum transaction fee is 0.01 DOGE/kb, and
  • the recommended dust limit is 1 DOGE, and
  • the recommended RBF increment is 0.001 DOGE.

See the full recommendation here

RPC API Changes

  • Added softdustlimit and harddustlimit fields to getnetworkinfo
  • Added createauxblock and submitauxblock methods
  • Added -rpcnamecoinapi that allows miners to use Namecoin-compatible AuxPoW APIs, for both getauxblock and createauxblock methods.

Other notable changes

  • Updated Berkely DB to 5.3 and OpenSSL to 1.0.2u.
  • The version displayed on QT's overview page has been changed to display the full version
  • Updated the HD wallet derivation path to be compliant with SLIP44
  • Updated the FreeBSD build.
  • Added xkbcommon 0.8.4 as a separate dependency to fix keyboard compatibility issues
  • Added a getting started guide

See the release notes for a full description of this release.

Dogecoin Dogecoin - dogecoin

Published 21 Aug, 2021 Version Dogecoin Core 1.14.4



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24h 24h Vol Price
BTC -0,82 16.193,52M 18.407,41 EUR
ETH +1,85 8.767,25M 1.028,83 EUR
USDT -0,71 27.975,87M 0,96 EUR
USDC -0,74 3.765,97M 0,96 EUR
BNB +0,56 683,46M 210,08 EUR
BUSD -0,80 3.745,16M 0,96 EUR
ADA +0,11 457,57M 0,43 EUR
XRP -0,20 558,08M 0,30 EUR
SOL +1,79 673,27M 31,87 EUR
DOGE -0,45 292,34M 0,06 EUR
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The Bitcoin Standard
by Saifedean Ammous Dec 06, 2020
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The Mystery Of Banking
by Murray N. Rothbard Dec 06, 2019
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Mastering Bitcoin
Mastering Bitcoin
by Andreas M. Antonopoulos Nov 12, 2020
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Flash Boys
Flash Boys
by Michael Lewis Nov 19, 2019
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Reward Block Difficulty
BTC 6 743333 29.570.168M
ETH 2 15064980 11.658.241.128M
UNO 0 1331510 368.211M
XMR 0 2658731 338.946M
BCH 6 747073 160.007M
ZEC 2 1723833 81M
LTC 12 2290695 13M
DASH 1 1697770 167M
ETC 3 15451780 270.036.014M
ZEN 3 1169214 29M
aggiornato 9 ore fa da