Basato sul popolare meme Internet "Doge" e caratterizzato da un logo Shiba Inu, Dogecoin (DOGE) è una criptovaluta che è un fork di Litecoin nel dicembre 2013. Dogecoin è stato utilizzato principalmente come tipping system su Reddit e Twitter per premiare il creazione o condivisione di contenuti di qualità. Dogecoin è stato creato da Billy Markus di Portland, Oregon e Jackson Palmer di Sydney, in Australia. Entrambi avevano immaginato Dogecoin come una criptovaluta divertente e spensierata che avrebbe avuto un fascino maggiore oltre il pubblico principale di Bitcoin.


Type Coin
Minable Si
Algorithm -


Circolating 130.610.450.787
ToTal 130.610.450.787
Max 0


Block 3.783.311
Reward 10.000
Difficulty 4.494.319
Algorithm Scrypt


# 1h 24h 7g 24h Vol Price
8 DOGE -1,72 +0,26 +10,30 1.714,45M 0,17 EUR



Quotazioni criptovalute del 22/07/2021

Queste le variazioni delle ultime 24 ore
by James Lombardi Jul 22, 2021


Dogecoin Dogecoin - dogecoin

Published 28 Feb, 2021 Version Dogecoin Core 1.14.3
Release Note

This is a new minor update that includes important performance improvements. It is a strongly recommended update for everyone.

This release can be installed over an existing 1.14 installation seamlessly, without the need for uninstallation, re-indexation or re-download. Simply shut down your running Dogecoin-QT or dogecoind, perform the installation and restart your node.

Improve synchronization speed

Significantly improves the speed at which a node can upload blocks, by removing expensive integrity checks that were performed each time a block is sent to another node. When a block is received and during rescans of the locally stored blockchain, the checks are still performed.

Reduce default mempool expiry time

Reduces the default time that transactions are cached in the mempool from 336 hours to 24 hours. This default setting can be overridden with the -mempoolexpiry parameter by individual node operators to a value (expressed in hours) that makes the most sense for the use cases the node serves.

Other changes and improvements

  • Increase block download timeouts
  • Add size_on_disk, prune_target_size, automatic_pruning to getblockchaininfo
  • Add query options to listunspent RPC call
  • Set BIP65 softfork heights in chainparams.cpp.
  • Update package links for OSX cross compilation.
  • Change IPC prefix from bitcoin: to dogecoin:.
  • Locale independent sorting.
  • Corrections to Italian translation.
  • Refresh main and test network checkpoints and seeds.
  • Do not print an error on connection timeouts through proxy.
  • Numerous fixes to automated tests.
  • Numerous fixes to documentation.




24h 24h Vol Price
BTC +5,88 31.475,09M 33.460,77 EUR
ETH +2,42 18.737,48M 1.914,36 EUR
USDT -0,71 57.308,41M 0,85 EUR
BNB +1,54 1.540,53M 262,37 EUR
ADA +1,17 1.675,77M 1,07 EUR
XRP +0,70 2.239,12M 0,54 EUR
USDC -0,70 2.828,47M 0,85 EUR
DOGE +0,26 1.714,45M 0,17 EUR
DOT +2,02 870,33M 11,87 EUR
BUSD -0,69 4.967,63M 0,85 EUR
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Reward Block Difficulty
BTC 6 688586 19.932.791M
ETH 2 12690429 6.216.476.564M
BCH 6 693362 250.616M
UNO 0 1331510 368.211M
XMR 2 2389479 300.361M
LTC 12 2074711 9M
DASH 1 1492686 149M
ZEC 2 1294993 47M
ZEN 3 955598 41M
ETC 3 12992761 258.921.869M
aggiornato 834 ore fa da