Arweave mira a rendere sostenibile la permanenza delle informazioni. Arweave si descrive come un nuovo tipo di archiviazione che supporta i dati con dotazioni sostenibili e perpetue, consentendo agli utenti e agli sviluppatori di archiviare i dati per sempre. In quanto disco rigido di proprietà collettiva, Arweave mira a consentire agli utenti di ricordare e conservare informazioni, app e cronologia preziose a tempo indeterminato. Preservando la storia, impedisce ad altri di riscriverla.


Type Coin
Minable No
Algorithm -


Circolating 33.394.701
ToTal 63.190.435
Max 66.000.000


# 1h 24h 7g 24h Vol Price
89 AR -0,48 +1,07 -0,78 23,83M 9,02 EUR



Arweave Arweave - arweave

Published 20 Jul, 2022 Version Release 2.5.3
Release Note

The release adds support for blocking specific data by byte ranges and contains a few bug fixes. For details about blocklisting, see the beginning of the mining guide.

Upgrade instructions

N.2.5.3 comes with the prebuilt binaries for the Linux and Darwin x86_64 platforms. arweave-2.5.3.linux-x86_64.tar.gz works at least on Ubuntu 20 and CentOS 8. To run on Ubuntu 18, grab arweave-2.5.3.ub18-x86_64.tar.gz. CentOS 7 is not supported.

Download the corresponding archive and unpack it:

tar -xzf arweave-

It makes sense to unpack it inside a dedicated directory. You can always move this directory around, but the miner may not work if you move only some of the files. The weave data would, by default, be stored in this directory, too, but it can be overridden using the data_dir command-line argument. The archive contents look like this:

bin/  data/  erts-10.3/  lib/  releases/

To run the miner, execute ./bin/start . See the mining guide for more details.

If your OS/platform architecture is not on the list, check README for how to build the miner from sources.

If you want to run the miner from the existing Git folder, upgrade Erlang to version 23 or 24 and execute the following command:

git fetch --all --tags && git checkout -f N.2.5.3

You can now run the miner using the arweave-server script.


For more details on how to run a mining node, please see our mining guide - If you have any issues upgrading or would like to know more about the release, feel free to reach out to us in the #mining channel on Discord Arweave Dev Talk server (https://d or email us at

Arweave Arweave - arweave

Published 04 May, 2022 Version Release 2.5.2

Arweave Arweave - arweave

Published 02 Feb, 2022 Version Release



24h 24h Vol Price
BTC -0,08 18.053,41M 16.163,09 EUR
ETH +0,49 5.911,23M 1.221,69 EUR
USDT -0,71 24.521,90M 0,95 EUR
BNB +0,12 788,06M 277,00 EUR
USDC -0,73 2.296,14M 0,95 EUR
BUSD -0,74 6.025,92M 0,95 EUR
XRP +0,42 667,32M 0,37 EUR
DOGE +1,30 672,89M 0,10 EUR
ADA +1,25 179,54M 0,30 EUR
MATIC +1,67 338,16M 0,88 EUR
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Reward Block Difficulty
BTC 6 754916 32.045.359M
ETH 2 15495511 12.361.409.030M
UNO 0 1331510 368.211M
XMR 0 2715916 339.892M
BCH 6 758590 186.028M
ZEC 2 1815027 106M
LTC 12 2336895 16M
DASH 1 1741328 60M
ETC 3 15979276 2.555.640.576M
ZEN 3 1214641 37M
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